5 Best Thermaltake PC Cooling Case Fans

Whether it’s a matter of best performance, decent design, premium RGB features, and budget-friendly options. You will find the all-rounder Thermaltake Brand on top of the list. Thermaltake manufactures the best mid to high-standard PC cooling case fans.

In today’s topic, we have shortlisted 5 of the best PC cooling case fans. Each of them meets the required standard criteria in terms of budget to performance. Some of them also come in multiple sizes, so you can choose accordingly from them.

The purchase link for each fan is mentioned below the product image. This link will take you to the main page of Amazon from where you can order the product. Let’s move toward the detailed review without any time waste.

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5 Best Thermaltake PC Cooling Case Fans

1: Thermaltake Toughfan 12 Turbo

A bit pricey but still a solid choice to go with. Yes, Thermaltake Toughfan 12 Turbo is a premium choice for pro users, not because of RGB features but because of high static pressure and efficient compatibility as radiator fans.

Its specifications offer 140mm size, 2500 RPM, a metal-reinforced motor hub, hydraulic bearing (second-gen), PWM controlled, a noise level of 28.1 dBA, CFM of 72.69, and 12 Volts of voltage.

The design and built material are totally up to the recommended standard. While the grey blade fans provide exceptional spin performance at high as well as low speeds. Keep in mind one thing Tougfan 12 Turbo is a non-RGB case fan.


  • PWM Controlled
  • Metal-Reinforced Motor Hub
  • Gen.2 Hydraulic Bearing


  • Not Any Major

2: Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB

Thermaltake Pure 14 ARGB is available in multiple sizes of 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm. While we are going to cover 140mm case fan only. Pure 14 ARGB is a feature-rich fan with a lot of customization and control options.

It offers 5 volts of voltage, 4.8 watts of wattage, a noise level of 30.4 dB, 1400 RPM, and an airflow capacity of 70.32 cubic feet per minute. Apart from that, each fan contains 9 quality blades able to spin at high static pressure.

If we talk about RGB features, Pure 14 ARGB is motherboard synchronized (US aura Sync software), offers 16.8 million colors, 9 addressable LEDs, and multiple lighting combinations totally under the control of users.


  • Hydraulic Bearing
  • Analog Controller
  • Motherboard Sync


  • Lights Don’t Work Properly (Rare)

3: Thermaltake Riing Plus 12 RGB

TT Riing Plus 12 RGB is a decent set of combinations for the ones who are looking forward to maintaining both the cooling factors and decent lighting in order. It comes with a separate control device for RGB features.

Talking about the specification, the Ring Plus 12 RGB provides a dimension level of 4.72 x 0.98 x 4.72 inches, a noise level of 24.7 dB, 1500 RPM, rubber made built, 48.34 cubic feet per minute, and an anti-vibration mounting system.

Similarly, if we talk about the Lighting Controller, it is able to hold 5 devices to 1 lighting controller and up to 16 controllers directly with the software. Hydraulic bearing to minimize the noise level is also included in the fans.


  • Premium Edition
  • Software Support
  • Quality Airflow


  • Not any Notable

4: Thermaltake Riing Quad

Well, if we analyze Thermaltake Riing Quad from different angles, like performance, design, pressure, lighting features, and compatibility. It’s a way better option for pro gamers and other users to go without compromising any of mentioned qualities.

Riing Quad offers 140mm of size, hydraulic bearing, a noise level of 25 dBA, 1400 RPM, 60.17 cubic feet per minute, RGB features and customization, multiple compatibilities, a lighting control device, and software-enabled features.

Moreover, this best Thermaltake PC cooling case fan offers 4 LED rings along with its 54 addressable RGB LEDs. It really provides a decent combination of eye catchy lighting effects. You can also use voice-enabled commands for changing lighting patterns.


  • Hydraulic Bearing Case
  • Software Enabled 4 Light Rings


  • RGB Drivers Issue

5: Thermaltake Riing Trio

Riing Trio is also amongst the best Thermaltake PC cooling case fans. This 9-blade fan comes in the size of 140mm along with a noise level of 26.5 dB, 1400 RPM, low noise hydraulic bearing, and 60.68 cubic feet per minute.

If we focus on RGB lights and features of Riing trio, it offers TT RGB PLUS Software/App, 16.8 million RGB colours, 30 addressable LEDs, and multiple options to customize the lighting patterns as you want specifically during the usage.

Other notable points are low noise level, high static pressure to cool down the temps of components, adjustable fan speed, and anti-vibration mounting. Apart from that these fans are well compatible with most of the spaces inside the case.


  • 30 Addressable LEDs
  • TT RGB PLUS Software/App
  • Low Noise


  • Not any Major

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