Phanteks Best PC Case Fans You Can Buy in 2022

Nowadays, Phanteks is manufacturing some best PC Case Fans along with many other products. Yup, you heard it right even I read somewhere that they will compete with Noctua’s pc fans soon. It clearly means that in the near times, we are going to see some major bumps in the gaming industry.

In today’s topic, I have gathered a list of some good fans made by Phanteks. Good in terms of performance, user review, price tag and competition as well. So, just read the full review and go with any of them if you are planning to purchase one by Phanteks.

Let’s move forward towards the review,

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Phanteks Best PC Case Fans

1: Phanteks SK120 DRGB PWM Fan

Phanteks SK120 has gained so much fame because of its extraordinary cooling performance. It comes in a pack of 3 and each fan is 120mm in size. SK120 is featured with DRGB lighting effects to bring an eye-catchy color combination.

If we talk about some other features and specs, the Phanteks SK120 offers 30.3 dBA of noise level, higher airflow, PWM capabilities, and DRGB Motherboards compatibility.

Apart from that, the design and working mechanism of the blades is also up to the required standard which features quiet but high airflow. Phanteks has chosen a Rigid Frame Design that minimizes the vibration of the case at full speed.


  • DRGB Compatibility
  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise
  • Rigid Frame Design


  • Lighting Issues (Rare)

2: Phanteks T30

The Phanteks T30 also comes in a pack of 3 where each offers 120mm of size. Cooling features of T30 are just tremendous at a quiet level. Company has used a 3-Phase motor (6 poles) to produce an appropriate level of sound.

Specifications include 1200 to 2000 to 3000 RPM at low, medium, and high profiles. Moreover, it also includes aerodynamic optimizations which can be utilized well if the case has dust filters.

The other notable point of T30 is its blade design, built quality, and thickness. It is made up of glass fiber-reinforced LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer). Which provides a high-level cooling at low noise.


  • Glass Fibre Blades
  • Aerodynamic Optimalisations
  • 3-Phase Motor
  • High Airflow and Low Noise


  • Not any Major

3: Phanteks PH-F200SP

PH F200SP is also a considerable option amongst the list of Phateks Best PC Case Fans. It comes in a size of huge 200mm along with high airflow and quiet sound performance.

Talking about the mentioned specs, the Phanteks PH F200SP provides 110.1 CFM of airflow, 25.0 dBA of noise level, and a suitable RPM in accordance with its huge size which is 200mm.

Other than that, this PC case fan also includes a magnetic brushless DC motor and rubber pads that help in maintaining a smooth rotation and low vibration. Its 9 blades are up to the required standard in terms of build and rotation.


  • 200mm Size
  • Magnetic Brushless DC Motor
  • Decent Cooling Power


  • No RGB

4: Phanteks 120mm Case Fan

Well, I think it’s good to include at least one budget-friendly option in the selected list. Friendly in terms of budget but decent in terms of performance. So I have chosen this 120mm Budget Friendly PC Case Fan by Phanteks.

The fan features, a 120mm size, 24.2 dbA noise level, 54.4 CFM Airflow, and Blue Colour LED (On/Off option). The overall cooling power of this fan is pretty decent if we compare it according to the price.

Apart from the above specs, it also includes a magnetic brushless DC motor which helps in managing the stability of rotations. While there are also Phanteks’ UFB bearings which help in reducing air and vibration noise.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Magnetic Brushless DC Motor
  • Phanteks UFB Bearings


  • Only Blue LED Light

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