Best Antec PC Case Fans You Can Buy

Since 1986, Antec has served million of its customer with multiple numbers of quality products. Products like PC Cases, Power Supplies, Cooling Solutions, and Gaming Gear. While for today, we have chosen the best Antec PC Case Fans to review.

The notable point in Antec’s products is the variety of products from affordable to high price range. Following the same, we also have shortlisted the low to high-budget range case fans. Let’s move forward toward a detailed review of these fans,

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Best Antec PC Case Fans

1: Antec Prizm Series 120mm RGB Fans

This pack of 5 Prizm Series 120mm Antec RGB Fans is the best fit for those who are looking for the whole combo and a budget-friendly option. A controller hub is also included in the pack to control the fans accordingly.

If we talk about the specifications and features of these Antec Case Fans. It offers, 2000 RPM, 32.6 dB of noise level, 16.8 Million RGB Colors & 18 Independent Controlled LEDs, and motherboard-synched lighting effects.

The design of Prizm Series case fans is also pretty attractive with decent cooling performance. Curved blades are adjusted at a suitable angle with a sealed bearing structure and upgraded fan frame to maintain the right flow of air at low noise.


  • Budget Friendly
  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise
  • RGB Features


  • Low Built Quality

2: Antec Strom Series 120mm PC Fan

Well, you can consider the Antec Storm Series PC case fans among the best available options to go with. Although it does not include any RGB features, still the high performance has made it the choice of many gamers.

Antec has loaded this fan with specifications and features like 2000 RPM, 20.3 dB(A) of noise level, PWM connector, 66.56 CFM of Airflow, 80,000 / hrs 25°C, and fluid dynamic bearing to lower the noise level.

Similarly, if we talk about the build quality and design. The storm series has just fulfilled every standard you may expect. Mix-designed quality circular frame has tied the blades pretty well in adjustment that helps to rotate smoothly at low noise level.


  • High Performance
  • Low Noise
  • Quality Build
  • 80,000 Hours of Rotation Life


  • No RGB

3: Antec TwoCool 140mm Case Fan

TwoCool 140mm is actually a budget-friendly case fan with an average level of cooling performance. The fan does not feature any RGB lighting or PWM functionalities. It just works over the speed control switch between two levels of RPM.

On the specifications side, TwoCool 140mm features 800-1200 RPM, 3-Pin & 4-Pin power connectors, and sleeve bearing for smooth rotation and low noise level.

The design and build material of this PC Case Fan are just average and suitable for low to medium use but not for high-end gaming and other professional tasks.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Sleeve Bearing
  • Speed Control Switch


  • No RGB
  • No PWM

4: Antec 120MM BLUE LED FAN

I will consider this fan amongst the list of best Antec PC Case Fans because of its high RPM. Yup, this Antec Blue LED Fan is pretty cheap in terms of price but its specifications are good enough for medium use.

This Antec Fan features 2000 rpm of Speed, 79 CFM of Airflow, 3 x Blue LEDs, a transparent hard plastic body, 29.8 dBA of noise level, decent cooling operation, and easy-to-adjust angles.

The 3 Pin and 4 Pin connector is also included in the box. You just have to deal with a little higher noise level. The rest of the things are pretty good for a medium used for a number of medium tasks.


  • Affordable
  • High RPM
  • Blue LED
  • Good Cooling


  • A bit Noisy

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