Best 200mm PC Case Fans You Could Buy

Usually, most gamers prefer PC case fans of size 120mm. But still, a number of people are using giant fans of size 200mm. Although they require a huge space inside the case, their performance is up to the level a user can demand. So today, we have decided to review the best Pc case fans available in size of 200mm.

We always try to make sure that every fan model we chose to review must have solid performance, low noise level, budget-friendly price tag, decent looks, and a quality build. Not only that, we always try to choose specific models from multiple brands that surely have a positive impact on the decision-making power of users.

Let’s move forward toward the in-depth review of these 200mm Pc case fans.

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Best 200mm PC Case Fans

1: Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Series

Thermaltake Pure 20 Series no doubt offers high-airflow Pc case fans with a bunch of useful features. While this one comes in a size of 200mm and has no RGB lighting features (LED Version available).

The other specifications include 800 RPM, 129.639 CFM of airflow, air pressure of 0.996 mm-H2O, and 28.2 dBA of noise level. Apart from that, Thermaltake has used sleeve bearings to increase of life span of fan.

Design of the fan is a circular shape along with sharp edges of the frame on each angle to screw the fans accordingly in case. Blades are made up of quality material and there is the use of an anti-vibration mounting system.


  • Sleeve Bearing
  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise
  • Quality Built


  • RGB Features Missing

2: Phanteks PH-F200SP

Phanteks-F200SP has entered the market after a deeply focused build, design, blades, and other factors. Which surely has come to an end with a quality result. It comes in a size of 200mm with better cooling features and stability.

The core specifications include 850 RPM, 25 dB of noise level, and an airflow capacity of 110.1 cubic feet per minute. Other than that, there are multiple features added like magnetic brushless DC motor and UFB bearings to minimize noise.

If we talk about the blades, their quality, and performance. The Phanteks have used redesigned MVB blades which helps in maintaining a better airflow. While the angles of the overall fan design are adjusted lower to balance vibrations.


  • Magnetic Brushless DC Motor
  • UFB Bearings
  • Redesigned MVB Blades
  • Low Noise
  • High Airflow


  • No RGB

3: Cooler Master SickleFlow 200 ARGB Gen 2

Well, if we talk about the best 200mm Pc case fans in the market, you will never reject the Cooler MasterSickleFlow 200 ARGB Gen 2. It features everything that a real gamer or user may expect. Like high airflow, and low noise RGB features.

Moreover, the specifications offered are 800 RPM, 15.7 dB of noise level, multiple options for RGB customizations, a sealed bearing structure to avoid leakage, and an enhanced life span. Overall performance is up to the standards.

Similarly, the design of MasterSickleFlow is also a tremendous invention where it presents a curved blade design and a reinforced frame structure. Both these improvements help in maintaining a decent amount of airflow.


  • RGB Features
  • Curved Blade Design
  • Reinforced Frame
  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise


  • Not any Major

4: Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB 200mm

The fan with really an eye catchy color combination, a unique sort of design, a quality build, and a solid performance. All these features are no doubt a known title of Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB 200mm.

Notable specifications of Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB 200m are 1000 RPM, 15 dB of noise level, an airflow of 117.96 CFM, and a hydraulic bearing. These specs are well enough to manage decent cooling inside the Pc case.

The fan is perfectly good to go if you want all-in-one features, like low noise, high airflow, decent looks, and an anti-vibration table. Your friends are surely gonna love the way your PC Case will look.


  • Beautiful Looking
  • RGB Lighting
  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise
  • Solid Performance


5: Noctua NF-A20

Noctua Nf-A20 may be fifth in numbering here but may be on top in performance. Yup, because the brand always comes up with a top-quality product. The Nf-A20 offers quality cooling, low noise, and affordable pricing.

Its mentioned specifications are 800 RPM, 18.1 dBA of noise level, >150,000h MTTF, and low noise adapter. Keep in mind that this fan is non-RGB.

The design and color scheme of the fan is most likely the other fan models of Noctua. Which is not bad you know. There is also the use of anti-vibration mounts to keep the casing in balance at top speed.


  • Brand Reputation
  • Zero Noise
  • High Airflow
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts


  • Not any

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