Best Be Quiet CPU Liquid Coolers to Buy

As we all know that Be Quiet has specialized in manufacturing top-quality PC components. When there is name PC components, you can never ignore the cooling gadgets which help to keep PC components cool and maintained. Amongst the top cooling gadgets, the CPU Liquid Coolers manufactured by Be Quiet are the best ones, with each and every feature required for the betterment and long life of the hardware.

In today’s topic, our team of experts has decided to review top liquid coolers manufactured by Be Quiet. They are quite efficient, budget-friendly, and are of compact sizes to fit into the majority of cases. Not only that, they are super silent, feature no vibrations, and are equipped with RGB lighting too. Amongst the different varieties, the Pure Loop series is on top, and we have shortlisted the same for review. Let’s move forward toward the review,

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Best Be Quiet CPU Liquid Coolers

1: be quiet! BW005 Pure Loop (120mm)

Be Quiet BW005 Pure loop is a decent and budget-friendly choice in the category of best CPU water cooling. It features a quality 120mm fan (Pure Wings 2) along with a doubly decoupled pump which ensures silent operation and less to no vibration at top speed.

Other relatable specifications include 1800 RPM, 1 dBA of noise level, white LED illumination, and an easy-to-refill port. The installation process is also pretty easy along with a quite decent space management system.

Furthermore, if we focus on the design and color pattern, Be Quiet has made this water cooler totally black with a stylish and eye catchy Nickel-coated cold plate. While the company is also offering 3 years manufacturer’s warranty for this top-performing CPU liquid cooler.


  • Low Noise Level
  • Less Vibration
  • Easy to Refill
  • High Performance


  • Not any Major

2: be quiet! Pure Loop 2 (FX 360mm)

Be Quiet Pure Loop 2 is ranking on top amongst the list of best Be Quiet CPU Liquid Coolers. It owns some extraordinary cooling features, not only that it also looks eye-catching because of its glowing RGB colors (multiple modes). This cooler is equipped with 3 Light Wings PWM high-speed fans.

Detailed specifications include a 360mm radiator, 1800 RPM, 34 dBA of noise level, and a doubly decoupled PWM pump. Similarly, there is a low noise level and high airflow, even you will not hear any noise while running at peak speed. Fans blades are also designed in accordance with radiator requirements.

Moreover, the build quality and design of Pure Loop 2 are also something pure examples of engineering. The black color theme with a combination of the nickel-coated cold plate and RGB effects will surely catch your attention to look into the PC case. Other than that, refilling the port is also easy than before.


  • RGB Modes
  • High Airflow
  • No Noise
  • 360mm Radiator


  • Not at All

3: be quiet! BW006 Pure Loop (240mm)

Another one on the list of best Be Quiet CPU Liquid Coolers is “be quiet! BW006 Pure Loop”. It offers a 240mm of radiator and dual 120mm Pure Wings PWM quality fans. As this model does not feature RGB lighting but is still a good choice to go with because of its high-level performance.

Apart from that BW006 Pure Loop features 1800 RPM, 1 dBA of noise level, white LED illumination, flexible-sleeved tubes, and a doubly decoupled pump. While if we talk about the real-time performance this liquid CPU cooler is more than enough to handle the temps from low to high-end systems.

Same as the other models in the series of Be Quiet Coolers, BW006 is black in color along with a nickel-coated cold plate. Users can easily refill the ports without any issues. The build material is also up to the required standard and overall is a decent choice to go with without any compromise on performance.


  • Affordable
  • Top Performance
  • Low Noise Level
  • Quality Build


  • No RGB

4: be quiet! BW007 Pure Loop (280mm)

Almost similar to its predecessor with just a change of radiator size from 240mm to 280mm. Yup, be quiet! BW007 Pure Loop comes with dual 140mm PWM-controlled fans (Pure Wings 2). There is no RGB lighting supported but a white LED light is included on the cold plate top.

Similarly, on the specifications side, Be Quiet has equipped BW007 with 1800 RPM, 1 dBA of noise level, flexible-sleeved tubes, and a doubly decoupled pump. The last two mentioned features help the cooler to stay quiet and perform more efficiently even at full usage.

Now, if we talk about the design and build material, both are up to the standard as claimed by the company but still some users have concerns over the build quality of this cooler. The rest of the other aspects are good to go with. The cooler is compatible with both the Intel and AMD sockets.


  • Top Performer
  • Decent Cooling
  • Low Noise
  • Broad Compatibility


  • Compromise over Build Quality

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