Best Silverstone Technology PC Case Fans

If you really want to optimize your PC cooling performance, just give a single chance to Silverstone Best PC Case Fans. They will obviously do the job for you and will efficiently battle against the rising temps. Not only that, high airflow, low noise level, space-friendly dimensions, RGB lighting, and anti-vibration are also offered by Silverstone case fans.

For today’s topic, we have shortlisted 4 Silverstone Technology PC fans, each belonging to a different series like Air Slimmer, Air Blazer, and Air Penetrator. So, if you are a gamer, programmer, or a normal PC user, you can prefer any of them based on your needs. Each model offers a budget-friendly price tag with a bunch of future-proof functionalities.

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Best Silverstone PC Case Fans

1: SilverStone Technology Air Slimmer 120

The SilverStone Technology Air Slimmer 120mm case fan is actually a budget-friendly option for the ones who want decent cooling performance at a low price tag. Overall the Air Slimmer 120mm fan itself is slimmer (15.6mm thick), space-friendly, and an absolute choice for the small size pc cases.

Other highlighted specifications are 120mm size, 2500 RPM, 31.7 dBA of noise level, 63.67 CFM of airflow, fluid dynamic bearing, and 9 scimitar fan blade design. Such an engineering in the blades design enables the ability to intake the most amount of fresh air and exhale the heat out of the case.

The design of the Air Slimmer 120mm case fan is almost similar to most of the other budget fans, the only notable difference is its blade design to ensure the maximum airflow. If we talk about the build quality, the company has used traditional plastic materials to manufacture these fans.


  • Unique Fan Blades
  • High Airflow
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Budget Friendly
  • Space Friendly


  • No RGB
  • A bit Noisy

2: SilverStone Air Blazer 120mm ARGB (3-Pack)

Well, the second in the list of the best Silverstone PC Case Fans is Air Blazer 120mm ARGB. This item comes in a pack of 3, looks beautiful, performs better, and is reliable for long-term use. The RGB technology of the Air Blazer series is also up to the marked standard of quality and features/modes.

Company mentioned specifications of Air Blazer 120mm are ARGB lighting, 120mm size, 1200 RPM, 24 dBA of noise level, hydro bearing, and ARGB controller. In real-time performance, these fans are totally up to a satisfactory level for medium-end computers.

Similarly, if we talk about the design and build quality, the company has focused on both in every possible aspect. They have used quality plastic material for the frame and rubber-made wholes. Design is also sleek, slim, and space-friendly for most of the pc cases.


  • RGB Lighting
  • Low Noise Level
  • RGB Remote Controller
  • Hydro Bearing


  • Not any Major

3: Silverstone Air Penetrator 184i ARGB

On number three, we have shortlisted Silverstone Air Penetrator 184i ARGB. It is basically a 180mm fan with a slim and sleek design along with the capability of handling high-end machines. The notable factor of this fan is its blade technology and surface which is named Shark Force.

Moreover, the company mentioned specifications are 180mm size, 1200 RPM, 34.5 dBA of noise level, dual ball bearing, and airflow capacity of 143.21 CFM. The design parameter of its blade performs pretty well to smoothly maintain the high airflow while keeping the noise level at a low range.

RGB modes are also based on advanced standards and can be synchronized with the motherboard too. Another advantage of the Air Penetrator 184i is its compatibility with 200mm slots. This means that it can be also installed in the slot of a 200mm case fan instead of 180mm.


  • Compatible with 200mm Slot
  • RGB Lighting
  • Shark Force Technology
  • High Airflow


4: SilverStone Technology Air Slimmer 90 ARGB

So, this one is actually a 92mm RGB case fan that belongs to the series Air Slimmer. Although it’s only 92mm along with its slim and sleek design, but the airflow it provides is absolutely remarkable and enough to easily maintain the rising temperature of PC components.

Silverstone Air Slimmer 92mm ARGB offers 92mm size, PWM controlled fan, 2500 RPM, 11.3 dBA of noise level, and airflow capacity of 45.73 CFM. RGB modes are pretty eye-catching along with support for motherboard synchronization and 4-1 pin ARGB connector.

If you focus more deeply on the corners, there is rubber padding installed to overcome the vibration intensity. Not only that, the 15.2mm thick dimension also plays an important role, where there will be no headache of space management in small-size PC cases.


  • Low Noise Level
  • High Airflow
  • ARGB Lighting
  • PWM Control


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