Best Be Quiet Silent PC Case Fans

Although the Company was founded back in 2001, but it took some time to get stable and enter the competitive market level. At last, Be Quiet proved itself at the top list of PC Components and Gadgets. As always, we cover up the best PC Case Fans, and obviously, we are going to include Be Quiet Silent Fans in today’s list.

We have shortlisted multiple Be Quiet Fans for review, while the purchasing link for each is mentioned below the fan image. If you will purchase any of the products through the link, we will be rewarded some percentage of the commission. Let’s move forward and have a look at the detailed review.

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Best Be Quiet Silent PC Case Fans

1: Be Quiet Silent Wings 3

Be Quiet Silent Wings 3 120mm PC Case Fan is absolutely budget-friendly and a good-performing option to go with. As the name suggests “Silent Wings 3” really swings inaudible.

Apart from that, it offers 16.4 dBA of noise level, 50.5 CFM, 16.4 decibels, a Fluid-dynamic bearing for a stable and long life span, and a quality 6-Pole fan motor for efficient energy consumption.

Here, if we talk about the fan design and blades, both are up to the recommended standard. The design is advanced and slim to fit easily in any case while the blades are surface optimized to swing accordingly well inside the frame.


  • Silent Operation
  • 6 Pole Fan Motor
  • Ingenious Fan Frame
  • Fluid-Dynamic Bearing
  • Anti-Vibration Mountings


  • Some People Found it “Not Silent”

2: Be Quiet Light Wings

Well, Be Quiet Light Wings is also a decent choice if you are searching for a pack of 3 solid performers case fans for a radiator. It’s a 120mm ARGB fan with tremendous features and cooling capabilities to keep everything in order.

Light Wings offer 31 dBA of noise level, up to 2,500 RPM a Hub for fans, 18 LEDs for multiple colours combination, and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for different levels of fan speed.

So if you want a good-looking case having beautiful ARGB Fans installed along with a decent cooling performance and inaudible noise. Light wings are no doubt a better choice for you.


  • Eye Catchy ARGB
  • Quiet Operation
  • Hub For Fans


  • Not Any

3: Be Quiet Pure Wings 2

Pure Wings 2 is the one to go with if you are searching for a budget-friendly Fan among the best Be Quiet Silent PC Case Fans. It is the preference of many gamers and other users. The Pure Wings 2 is a 120mm case fan with multiple features.

Like, it offers 19.2 dBA of noise level, quiet operation, 3 years of international warranty, and the new Rifle Bearing Technology that helps to improve the life span of the fan.

Other than that, there are no RGB features included in Pure Wings 2. While the overall design, built and quality of blades is up to the marked standard. Fan blades are Surface-Optimized for better airflow.


  • Budget Friendly


  • Overall Mid-Level Performance

4: Be Quiet Shadow Wings 2

Shadow Wings 2 is another entry-level PC Case Fan choice for our today’s list. It comes in sizes of 120mm and 140mm along with the available option for PWM & Non-PWM controls.

In terms of performance, it provides the appropriate level of cooling at a low noise level. This black and White coloured Case Fan features 15. 9dBA of noise level, and the new rifle-bearing technology

Apart from that it also offers anti-vibration mounting, a rubber-made fan frame, quality blades, and easy to install mechanism. The overall design of Shadow Wings 2 is also up to the required standard.


  • Rifle-Bearing Technology
  • Easy to Install
  • Airflow-Friendly Blade Design


  • Not any Notable

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