Best DeepCool PC Case Fans You Can Buy

Although DeepCool is not a well-known name like Corsair, Thermaltake, or Coolermaster. But still, they are coming up with some best quality accessories and components. Amongst the list of those accessories of components, we have decided to go with the best DeepCool PC Case Fans. Our team has shortlisted 5 best performing pc case fans manufactured by them.

The fans feature, high airflow, low noise, RGB/ARGB lighting, solid built quality, and an affordable budget range. So, if you are searching for buying quality case fans, give a chance to DeepCool Brand which will not regret your decision of getting their fans. Let’s move forward toward the detailed review of these shortlisted models, their specifications, and their features.

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Best DeepCool PC Case Fans

1: DeepCool FC120 PC Fans

The DeepCool FC120 is a 120mm PC fan that comes in a pack of 3. Each is equipped with pretty notable features in terms of both performance and RGB lighting.

Talking about the given specs, DeepCool FC120 features,1800 RPM, 61.91 CFM airflow, 28dB(A) noise level at full speed, and a decent collection of different RGB lighting modes.

Moreover, the RGB functionalities can also be synced with the motherboard. It eliminates the hurdle of adding any extra fan controller. Built quality and fan blades are also up to the required standard for long-term usage.


  • Decent Cooling
  • RGB Features
  • Motherboard Synchronization


  • A Bit Noisy at Full Speed

2: DeepCool RF120M (Pack of 5)

Well, RF120m can no doubt be considered amongst the best DeepCool PC case fans. It comes in a pack of 5 and each is 120mm in size. TGB features are pretty tremendous in this series with software control and connector.

The notable specifications are 500 to 1500 RPM, 56.5 CFM of airflow, 27 dB(A) of noise level, and different control modes at breathing, static state, and multi-color cycling. Each and everything with respect to cooling performance is decent.

If we talk about the other compatibility and support, the RF120 is capable enough to hold or support 6 of DeepCool RGB devices like GAMMAXX GT/GT BK, Captain EX RGB, and RGB 200EX.


  • RGB PWM Fans
  • ASUS Aura Sync Compatibility
  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise Level


  • Not any Major

3: DeepCool MF120 GT A-RGB

Another one of our shortlisted models is DeepCool MF120 GT A-RGB. It comes in a pack of 3, presents a size of 120mm, and has tremendous features of ARGB lighting. Each of these PC fans will cost around $20.

MF120 GT provides a good combination of airflow and cooling solutions. But one thing that may make you annoying and that is its louder noise at full speed. The rest of the other aspects are good to go with.

In short, the MF120 GT offers the main specifications including 1800 RPM, 35 dB(A) of noise level, 60.6 CFM of airflow, Hydro Bearing, 4-Pin PWM, high-quality blades, and a good-looking design.


  • Solid Design
  • Decent Performance
  • RGB Features
  • Hydro Bearing


  • High Noise Level

4: DeepCool CF120 Plus

DeepCool CF120 also comes in a pack of 3. Each is 120mm in size along with advanced ARGB lighting features. Not only that but the lighting features can also be synced with the motherboard to improve control.

The core specifications are 1800 RPM, 28.8 dB of noise level, 52.5 CFM of airflow, and 4-Pin PWM. The overall performance is pretty good in terms of cooling, airflow, and noise control.

While if we focus on the fan design, frame, and blades. Each is up to the required standard, the blades are quality ones, frame is solid and strong. The design is eye catchy and angles are easily adjustable in most cases.


  • Good Performance
  • Low Noise
  • ARGB
  • Motherboard Synced


  • No any Notable

5: DeepCool TF120S

Well, it’s not only among the best DeepCool PC Case Fans but also in the list of affordable PC fans. Yup, DeepCool TF120s is a good option to go with. The only feature you are going to miss is RGB lighting, the rest of the things are pretty decent.

Coming up to the specifications, TF120s offers 400-1500 RPM, 32.1 dB(A) of noise level, 64.4CFM of airflow, Hydro Bearing, and 40,000 hours of fans lifespan. 4-Pin PWM fan connector is also included in the list.

There is high airflow along with a low to medium level of noise at full speed. Fan Frame and overall design bring a unique attraction to the fan which can somehow minimize the feeling of missing RGB functionalities.


  • Hydro Bearing
  • Beautiful Design
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Standard Airflow


  • Missing RGB

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