Best CPU Air Coolers by Arctic You Can Buy

You know what.? The Arctic has just changed the way how we were getting coolers for our gaming computers or workstations. They have manufactured advanced-quality CPU Air Coolers within a short time period. While now, we can openly say that ARCTIC manufactures one of the best CPU Air Coolers in the market, and they are capable of competing with high-end coolers from any brand.

Arctic is using top-quality u-shaped heat pipes, cooling fins, and fluid dynamic bearings. Apart from that, most of their top-performing coolers feature MX-5 Thermal Paste (a top-graded thermal paste). The price to Performance ratio is also pretty appropriate, which means that you will never regret your decision of buying Arctic Coolers. In today’s post, we have shortlisted the top of them to review, let’s have a look at them.

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Best Arctic CPU Air Coolers

1: ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO

ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO is an ever-green option you can go with. It features a 120mm BioniX P-Series PWM Controlled fan. There are multiple color options available that you can choose from. The Arctic has equipped this beast cooler with 54 fins for better heat dissipation.

If we talk about the other given specs, the company has featured Freezer 34 eSports Duo with 120mm fans, 2100 RPM, push-pull-mode for high airflow, high-quality bearing, low energy consumption, and no to less vibration at full speed.

Apart from that, the company has used aluminum material to manufacture this top-performing cooler. It is compatible with both the Intel & AMD slots like for Intel: 2066, 2011(-3), 1155, 1151, 1150, 1200, and 1700. While for AMD: AM5 and AM4 sockets are supported.


  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise
  • 54 High-Quality Cooling Fins
  • Aluminum Build
  • Price to Performance Ratio


  • Not any Major

2: ARCTIC Freezer i35 A-RGB

The Arctic Freezer i35 ARGB is also ranked amongst the best CPU air coolers. It is specifically made for high-end computer systems. The ARGB features it offers are pretty eye-catching. While the build quality and design are also up to the required standard.

The mentioned specifications are a 120mm p-fan, 1700 RPM, 0.35 Sones of noise level, 4 Heat Pipes, MX-5 Thermal Paste, Fluid Dynamic Bearing, and 6 years of warranty. Overall, there is high airflow and low noise level along with less vibration while at peak usage.

Freezer i35 ARGB is made up of pure aluminum material that ensures the long-term survival of the product. While the installation procedure is pretty fast and easy compared to other coolers. If we talk about compatibility, it supports Intel: 1700, 1200, 1155, 1151, and 1150 sockets.


  • Advanced ARGB Mode
  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • Quality Build Material


  • Compatible with Intel Only

3: ARCTIC Freezer 7 X

Well, The Arctic Freezer 7 X is also a masterpiece in the category of top-performing CPU Air Coolers. Although it features a bit smaller fan (100mm) but is still capable of providing enough cooling to the CPU. While the MX-4 thermal paste is also pre-applied in this cooler.

Company-written specifications of Freezer 7 X are a 100mm P series fan, 2000 RPM, 0.3 Sone of noise level, fluid dynamic bearing, less vibration, less energy consumption, quality fins, and heat pipes. In real-time evaluation, there is a pretty low noise level and high airflow provided by this cooler.

Other than that, the installation process is also very easy and time-saving. There is a lot of space left after installation without any disturbance with other hardware components. Cooler is compatible with both the major sockets of Intel and AMD (Multiple Compatibility Claimed by Company).


  • Space Friendly
  • Top Performing
  • High Cooling
  • Quality Build Material


  • No RGB

4: ARCTIC Freezer 50

It’s one of the most eye-catching and beautiful looking Dual Tower CPU Air Cooler I have ever seen by the Arctic company. It offers two top-quality pressure-optimized fans along with advanced ARGB modes to double up the looks of the Arctic Freezer 50.

Its mentioned specifications are dual 120mm fans, 1800 RPM, 0.4 Sones of noise level, MX-4 Thermal Paste, 6 heat pipes, RAM clearance space, and fluid dynamic bearing. Apart from that, when both the fans are running at high speed, there is pretty less noise level.

Talking about compatibility, the Freezer 50 is compatible with both the Intel and AMD sockets. For Intel: it supports,1700, 1200, 115X, 2066, and 2011(-3), similarly for AMD Socket: there is support for AM5 and AM4. The rest of the other things are totally up to the required standard.


  • Eye Catching Looks
  • High Performance
  • Quality Build
  • Dual Fans
  • RGB Features


  • None

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