Best InWin PC Case Fans to Buy This Year

In a very short period of time, InWin has made its grip pretty strong on the PC market. InWin has expertise in manufacturing multiple PC-related products and accessories, in which their PC Case Fans are one of the best. Their other accessories are gaming chassis, gaming power supplies, cooling gadgets, servers, etc. InWIn always focuses on manufacturing quality products in a budget range to fulfill the demand of customers as per their expectations.

In today’s topic for our review, we have shortlisted 4 top-performing pc case fans manufactured by InWin. Each offers different premium features like RGB lighting, high airflow, low noise level, anti-vibration plus anti-shock rubbers, and a cable management system. NOTE: The official purchase link for every model is mentioned below the product image, which will directly land you on the purchase page. Now, let’s move forward toward a detailed review of each,

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Best InWin PC Case Fans

1: InWin Jupiter AJ140 RGB Fans

The InWin Jupiter AJ140 RGB fan is a great choice for RGB lovers and for the ones who are looking for a budget-friendly option. This triple pack fulfills almost every basic to mid-level need related to PC cooling. It comes in size of 140mm and each is PWM controlled.

On the specifications side, the AJ140 features, advanced RGB lighting, 500-1400 RPM, 34 dBA of noise level, 100.45 CFM of airflow, and 1.56mm/H2O of air pressure. Apart from that in real-time, there is a bearable noise level & enough airflow to eliminate hot air outside the case.

If we talk about the design and build material, the company has used a great level of engineering to manufacture a final product. Each fan is equipped with 9 blades, a decent cable management system, anti-vibration mounting, and finally an eye-catching solid design.


  • Affordable
  • Advanced RGB
  • High Airflow
  • Medium Level Noise Level
  • Anti-Vibration Mount
  • PWM Fans


  • Not any Notable

2: InWin Sirius Loop 120mm RGB Fans

Amongst the list of best InWin PC Case fans, the Sirius Loop owns a great standard and reputation. This fan is equipped with a number of premium cooling features and a unique outlook. The combination of larger blades and a thin frame looks just tremendous.

The highlighted specifications are triple 120mm PWM-controlled fans, the latest RGB modes, 1500 RPM, 27 dBA of noise level, and 50 CFm of airflow. The combination of high RPM and low noise level is absolutely an example of a great invention by InWin.

Moreover, you can also sync RGB lighting modes with the motherboard to gain more access to the controls. In terms of design and build material, each and everything is up to the required standard. There are anti-vibration mounts being used while the cable management system is also pretty neat.


  • Low Noise
  • High Airflow
  • Cable Management
  • Advanced RGB Modes


  • RGB Synchronization Issues (Rare)

3: InWin Saturn 120mm RGB Fans

Well, Saturn 120mm RGB Fans come in a pack of 3, it features RGB lighting, PWM-controlled fans, and a beautiful-looking design. It surely can glow your PC case along with maintaining a controlled temperature of PC components. The price is affordable as compared to the features it offers.

The mentioned specifications are, 1500 RPM, 35 dBA of noise level, 77.17 CFM of airflow, and 3.12mm/H2O of air pressure. The company is also using anti-vibration rubbers, along with cable management options, and easy-to-use connectors for RGB and other connectivity.

While if we talk about the fan controller, it is pretty easy to use as all the relevant options are accessible through just a button. The build material is a mixture of quality plastic and rubber.


  • Fan Controller
  • High Airflow
  • Low Noise
  • RGB Lighting
  • Anti-Shock & Anti-Vibration


4: InWin Luna AL120 Triple Pack ARGB LED Fans

Luna AL120 is also amongst the best InWin PC Case Fans. It comes in a pack of three 120mm PWM-controlled RGB fans. This time InWin has introduced Crescent Blade Design which functions to circulate the air more efficiently inside the case.

Other than that, the company written specifications are 1800 RPM, 35.5 dBA of noise level, 82.96 CFM of airflow, sleeve bearing, and 2.31 mm / H2O. Similarly, there is the use of anti-vibration and anti-shock rubber material to keep things smooth and stable.

As I discussed earlier, it comes in a pack of three, you can use this combo to complete the cooling requirements to keep the inside environment of case super cool. The rest of the other things like design and build material are also up to the marked standard.


  • RGB Lighting
  • High Airflow
  • 9 Blades
  • Crescent Blade Design


  • Not at All

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