Best Lian Li PC Case Fans – RGB & Non-RGB

Lian Li is serving its customers since 1983 with its best quality products like PC Cases, PC Case Fans, and other accessories. Even they have also changed the trend of case fans into the new tech era, where Lian Li introduced the new fans without wire management issues.

In today’s topic, we have shortlisted some of the best-performing case fans manufactured by Lian li. Each is up to the required market standard with RGB and ARGB features. While it also includes sizes from 120mm to 140mm, and don’t just ignore the aluminum-made frames.

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Best Lian Li PC Case Fans

1: Lian Li Bora Digital Series RGB

The Bora Digital Series manufactured by Lian Li is one of the top performers among Pc fans. It comes in a size of 120mm, has 10 RGB lighting effects, and has an aluminum-made frame.

Apart from that Bora Digital Series offers a top fan speed of up to 1800 RPM, a noise level of 29db, high airflow inside the case, and quality fluid dynamic bearing.

Talking about the design and build material of these pc case fans. It’s absolutely premium and good-looking, while the aluminum-made frame has doubled the taste of its looks.


  • Aluminum Made Frame
  • Fluid Dynamic Bearing
  • RGB Lighting Features


  • Not any Major

2: Lian Li ST120-3B

Well, you can consider the ST120 series amongst also the best Lian Li Pc Case Fans. It comes in a pack of 3 RGB 120mm case fans. A fan controller is also included in the box as each fan is a PWM fan.

On the specifications side, the ST120 offers high airflow with a pretty low noise level. It features a top speed of 800 to 1900 RPM, an airflow of 69.17 CFM, and an air pressure of 2.6 mmH20.

Other than that, if we talk about the design and build material of these fans. It’s absolutely a tremendous product where powerful blades are wrapped inside a quality square frame.


  • Square Frame
  • Anti-Vibration Structure
  • RGB Features
  • Fan Controller
  • High Airflow


  • Not Any

3: Lian Li UNI Fan SL140

UNI SL140 is a 140mm case fan by Lian Li that comes in a pack of 2. It is an ARGB PWM-controlled fan, while a controller is also inside the box to control related features.

Moreover, the SL140 is offering a top fan speed of 1500 RPM, a noise level of 30dB, a voltage of 6 volts, and a wattage of 6 watts. Similarly, the fan features high airflow to maintain the inside temps.

Blades are also adjusted to an appropriate angle to control the airflow accordingly. There is no vibration or any kind of irritating noise. The overall performance and features are up to standard.


  • Low Noise
  • High Performance


4: Lian Li UNI Fan SL120

The Lian Li UNI Fan SL120 is also a decent option to go with if you are looking for a fan that is pretty good in terms of performance as well as looks. Yup, it’s the choice of many professional PC gamers.

Company has equipped this fan model with a 120mm size, PWM Daisy Chain, ARGB LED, aluminum frame, RPM of 1900 max, 31 dB of noise level, and an airflow capacity of 58.54 CFM.

On the other end, the lighting features are also pretty eye catchy that glows on the top and bottom of its aluminum frame. The design factor is anti-vibration and frame edges are adjustable.


  • Aluminum Made Frame
  • High Airflow
  • Solid Performance


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